Wax Hakubaは配達によるワックスサービスです。

・ワックス:3000円 ・エッジ研磨:3000円 ・ワックス+エッジ研磨:5000円






店頭で注文する We are here

持ち込みでのご注文は事前にご連絡ください!(配達に出ていることがあります。)Please contact us before you come to the shop! (sometimes, we go out to deliver.)

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配達によるワックスサービスです We come to pick up your snowboards


Waxing service by the delivery.

Waxing your gear regularly does offer benefits to your riding so it is better for you to get wax before you are in mountains. But, you know, that's a bit of bother... You don't need a time to get wax in Hakuba! We come to you to pick up of your gears then, we do wax and bring back in the same day!  Take your time for enjoying Hakuba!